Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is too short... yet it’s too long...

Originally posted on MYSPACE (July 18, 2008)

I get reflective whenever folks leave. I'm talking about leaving the world, not just my life... though I get reflective when folks leave my life too, but I digress... Death, and the finality of it, gets me to thinkin' about life. How short it is. And yet, how long it can feel. All that thinkin' led me to this insomnia fueled blog. (Durn, Insomnia!)

Sidebar: what's with all the "thinkin's" and "gets me to's". Am I a Southern Belle all of a sudden? Jeez! I blame the insomnia.

Allow me to present to you two simple top 10 lists about the "too shorts" and the "too longs" of it all...

Life is too short to:

1) prioritize those who don't prioritize you.

2) hold on to grudges.

3) hold back on saying "I love you" to those you do.

4) put up with bad treatment, even from "friends".

5) not follow every dream you have... as long as it's legal. ;)

6) not honor your "truth".

7) hold on to those who've let you go... literally and figuratively.

8) lie to yourself about what your heart is telling you... the good and the bad.

9) not count your blessings.

10) not know God for yourself.


Life is too long to:

1) not floss... I'm talking teeth. The other "flossing" you SHOULD let go of.

2) stay in a job that doesn't feed your spirit.

3) stay in a relationship that steals your joy.

4) not eat right and exercise.

5) not be safe... I mean this in EVERY way.

6) choose a mate solely based on looks, weight, age or one of the other "shallows".

7) walk away from someone you "click" with.

8) not fight for what you believe in.

9) cast a vote without being completely informed.

10) give up on love... and the possibility of it "finding" you.

Your thoughts? Your lists? Your remedies for insomnia? I'm open to whatever you got! Let's dialogue! :)


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