Friday, February 25, 2011

Lyrics I LOVE... part 1: "Inconsolable" by Jonatha Brooke

I had my iPod on shuffle and perfect little gems I had long forgotten started to play. I came across this beautiful song by singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke. Her voice is beautiful. Her lyrics are deep...this one in particular. A bad break-up has never been more poetic. ;)

If you happen to check out the actual song be advised that she's a little folksy sounding so you young hipsters weened on auto-tune and beats may not feel her; but for a season of my life her CD's were ALL I played. Some folks had Sarah Mclachlan, I had Jonatha Brooke. :) The lyrics to this song (especially the third verse!) are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Written and sung by: Jonatha Brooke

I never knew what enough was
until I'd had more than my share
I let the darkness in
and it was then I lost the dare
It was then I lost the day

There will be no prayers on your return
And there will be no party thrown
And you will find your inheritance
is the silence that's grown
It is the seed that you've sown

'Cause you were the one sure thing
The one sure thing
Maybe I'm not crazy...just inconsolable

There is no mystery to be revealed
And so we tell the truth and then run
I love you because I love you
And I did think that you were the one
But now I see who you've become

'Cause you were the one sure thing
The one sure thing
Maybe I'm not crazy... just inconsolable

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