Friday, February 25, 2011

Whatever happened to LOVE SONGS (Part II)

What EVER happened to Love Songs?! (Part II)

Originally posted on MYSPACE (March 16, 2008)

Hey Guys!

This installment features the fabulous L.T.D. (which stands for Love. Togetherness. Devotion)L.T.D. featured the Super-Awesome Jeffrey Osborne. He was the lead singer of L.T.D. before he went solo. My mom played the following song until the grooves of the record were GONE. In honor of my mom and her amazing taste in music, allow me to bless you with the lyrics to:

"Share My Love"

by L.T.D.

From the album: Devotion

Won’t you share my love?

Won’t you share my love?

I’m so tired of being lonely

I want to be loving you only

So many girls have crossed my path

But I could not last

I needed you

You pick me up when the world’s down on me

You ease my mind when I’m feeling shaky

I can do no wrong with you by my side

Welcome to my life

Come on and share my love

Be a part of my tomorrow

Put an end to all my sorrow and pain

Come on and share my love

Won’t you share my love?

Won’t you share my love?

And now you’ve given me new inspiration

Without you in my live I have no direction

Together we can build a world full of joy

I promise you we will if you just share my love

Till the stars fall from heaven

Oh, my darling, stay right here with me

So you can share my love

I don’t want to leave you ever

Let’s spend our lives together always

Stay and share my love


Does it get better than that? I don’t think so!

As always, please chime in with your comments and favorite lyrics. Not just the song titles folks. Bless everybody with the actual lyrics, could ya?

Until then...

God Bless,

~yvette nicole :)

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